Bagel Buns

My first attempt at making this paleo (gluten-free) bagel recipe was nearly a failure.  Even though I read the ingredient list and had purchased  all the extra bits that I needed, I didn’t read through the instructions.

Needless to say, a doughnut pan was required for the cooking process, and I didn’t have one.  Of course, I had the recipe all ready to go into the oven at this stage and everything had come to an immediate standstill at this crucial moment.  How was I to cook my bagels?

First attempt, not so pretty, delicious bagels.

First attempt, not so pretty, delicious bagels.


The mixture is extremely runny so that it can be poured into the doughnut pan.  I now had to make it solid so that it could stand on its own.  Solution, add more flour.

I added an extra 1/2 cup of almond flour and an extra tablespoon of the coconut flour, which made it just firm enough for me to roll, very gently, into bagel shapes to sit on a plain baking tray.

The end result was actually a success.  They weren’t terribly pretty, but the texture was like a slightly heavy/dense bread, and they tasted delicious.

Determined was I to follow a recipe accurately (I rarely do this, by the way) that I went shopping for a doughnut pan.  I found probably the one and only pan in the whole town and came home to make the second batch of bagels.  Oh, this was about a week after making the first batch.  I didn’t make enough bagels for a cricket team all in one go.

Ready to go into the oven.  Attempt number 2!

Ready to go into the oven. Attempt number 2!

I followed the recipe accurately and poured my runny batter into the doughnut pan.  I sprinkled them with chia seeds – the recipe uses poppy seeds, but I only had chia seeds, and they worked beautifully.

At this point, let me say, you need a pan for large doughnuts to make 6 of them.  As it turned out, my pan is only medium sized, so it was extremely full.

I popped them into the oven a little concerned that they may spill over the edge when cooking, but all went well and they turned into bagel-buns instead.

Bagel buns!

Bagel buns!

Very delicious!!  They were much lighter than my first version.  And, a little unusually, because of the quantity of eggs used in the recipe, they crackle when you butter them.  A bit like a soufflé-bagel-bun… Does a soufflé crackle?

My teenage son very happily assisted in the consuming process, although I did have to make sure he understood that he was only allowed to eat three of them.  He ate one on the first day, and then two more on the second day when he knew he was allowed to eat them.

My lunch for today.

My lunch for today.

You can find the recipe in Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry, by Elana Amsterdam.